Opened in 1997, the Kojima, restaurant Japanese-contemporary, are saidof ticket, is certain address of nice people and unglued and of food theytoo. The small island — translation of the Kojima word of the Japanese forour language, he is commanded by the pair Arnaldo Motta and Alexandre Faeirstein, this last one is also chef of the house.

Attractive that it deserves a prominence is the inspiration plates nikei, culinary art typical of the Peru that mixes the Peruvian and Japanese spice in one same one pan. Tha Kojima was first "japa" in the North and Northeast to be accepted as member of the Association of the Restaurants of the Good Souvenir, brotherhood that adds some of more interesting the gastronomic address of Brazil. The current Plate of the Good Souvenir is nikei Carré de Cordeiro com Trigoto de Funghi e Banana Chips.


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